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Your trainer will weigh, measure, check your blood pressure  and work out your Body Mass Index .  We emphasise the importance of and encourage members to socialise during their visit to Fit For You.   You will not be left on your own as a member of staff will always be available to assist and encourage you.

Fit For You in Cowick Street Exeter is a ladies only gym owned by Hayley Roberts. Her passion for motor assisted exercise began in 2005.   She is fully trained in the use and application of Motortone machines and for the past 11 years has seen the benefits achieved by the 1000’s of ladies as part of their exercise routines.  Hayley has been joined by a team of enthusiastic staff who have themselves accumulated over 10 years experience with the Motortone system.

Motortone machines provide gentle movement for all the major muscle groups and joints.  The machines were designed by physiotherapists and are beneficial for all levels of fitness and abilities.  They were especially developed for ladies who feel  going to a conventional gym is not suitable and Fit For You provide you with your own trainer who will take you through a thorough induction and will be with you throughout your journey.  


Relief for Stiff joints, pain, low mood, anxiety.

Can reduce high blood pressure and help you lose inches and drop the pounds.

Change shape as you lose inches and we are confident that you could drop a dress size within 2 months.